Vuelta a Andalucía 2012

 58th Vuelta a Andalucía – Ruta Ciclista del Sol 

Valverde Wins Overall!

Movistar wins Vuelta a Andalucía

4th st. Jaén – La Guardia de Jaén (135.7km)

Alejandro Valverde finished 2 seconds in 2nd place to claim the overall rouge and points jerseys in the 58th Vuelta a Andalucía. Movistar held up every breakaway and protected Alejandro’s 3 second lead by caring him to the summit within 12,4 km were the peloton sprinted towards the finish with Valverde in the front.

“We can say we have won at last after these two tremendously hard days for me, but especially for the team,” said Valverde. “To be honest, the other teams made us suffer a lot, and we rode impressively hard today because we couldn’t let the break gain much time with Voigt in it. The team was excellent again today and I’d have liked to reward them with the victory, but the main goal was the overall and we accomplished it.”

José Luis Arrieta (DS)“The lads have been sensational today, I can’t put any remarks on them. We had to pull almost from start to finish these three days; the first one, to get Alejandro on top, and the two latter ones, to defend the leader jersey, and all of them were spot on. These were two complicated stages because they were short and with no terrain to rest, and that makes difficult to make order, but thew were focused all race and we got it under control. It was specially hard today because a rider like Voigt, in such short stages, mustn’t be left far because, with only seven riders per team, you don’t have any big reaction margin. This team had always been used to work for a leader and is doing again this season. Having someone like Alejandro helps, too. He’s so nice, so normal and grateful that his teammates give even more than their best on the road.”

Stage 4 results:

  • 1st    D. Moreno   (KAT)   3.14.54
  • 2nd    Alejandro Valverde   0.02
  • 35th    Javi Moreno   0.37
  • 45th    Beñat Intxausti   1.31
  • 72nd    Iván Gutiérrez   3.04
  • 95th    Imanol Erviti   5.54
  • 107th    Vasil Kiryienka   11.08
  • 108th    Ignatas Konovalovas   m.t.
  • 1st    Alejandro Valverde   16.08.47
  • 27th    Javi Moreno   1.15
  • 38th    Beñat Intxausti   2.10
  • 74th    Iván Gutiérrez   8.19
  • 97th    Imanol Erviti   14.49
  • 102nd    Vasil Kiryienka   16.20
  • 107th    Ignatas Konovalovas   22.14

Overall points:

1 Alejandro Valverde (Spa) Movistar Team 45 pts
2 Oscar Freire Gomez (Spa) Katusha Team 39
3 Michael Matthews (Aus) Rabobank Cycling Team 39
4 Rein Taaramae (Est) Cofidis, Le Credit En Ligne 32
5 Sergey Lagutin (Uzb) Vacansoleil-Dcm Pro Cycling Team 31
35 José Ivan Gutierrez (Spa) Movistar Team 7
46 Vasili Kiryienka (Blr) Movistar Team 1

Valverde keeps lead in last stage
3rd st.:  Montemayor – Las Gabias (157.1km)


Movistar Team defends Valverde’s leader jersey solvently and will face a final test tomorrow at the hilltop finish in the province of Jaén

Taking full charge of responsibility linked to a leading position, Movistar Team led the bunch during all the third stage in the 58th Vuelta a Andalucía, 157km from Montemayor y Las Gabias, where the telephone squad could keep the red jersey by Alejandro Valverde. The Spanish rider and his team mates controlled the pack during a rolling stage with three categorized climbs, including a hectic first half hour of racing with several attempts before a breakaway could form, with Frenchman David Le Lay (SAU) as best overall placed rider, 38secs back on Valverde. With Ignatas Konovalovas, Imanol Erviti, Iván Gutiérrez and Vasil Kiryienka always on the front of the group, joined by the teams with sprinters in the late phase, the break was chased down into the first slopes of the Alto de la Malahá, 5k from the finish, and the final climb just took some pieces out of the group contesting the sprint, with Óscar Freire (KAT) as first.

Stage 3 results

1st Freire (KAT) 3.41.55
24th Alejandro Valverde m.t.
36th Javi Moreno m.t.
49th Beñat Intxausti m.t.
65th Iván Gutiérrez 0.51
100th Vasil Kiryienka 4.18
102nd Imanol Erviti m.t.
108th Ignatas Konovalovas 6.24

  • 1st    Alejandro Valverde   12.53.33
  • 23rd    Javi Moreno   0.40
  • 24th    Beñat Intxausti   0.41
  • 75th    Vasil Kiryienka   5.14
  • 77th    Iván Gutiérrez   5.17
  • 99th    Imanol Erviti   8.57
  • 107th    Ignatas Konovalovas   11.08

Valverde takes Alto del Santuario

Alejandro Valverde wins his second stage race of the year with a solo attack on category 1 Alto del Santuario in the third stage of the Vuelta a Andalucia Ruta Ciclista Del Sol.

Valverde times his attack perfectly within a km remaining in the inclined stage and out climbed Menchov (Rabobank) Taaramae (Cofidis) and Frank Schleck (RadioShack-Nissan) by 10 seconds.

The stage win gave Valverde the overall leaders and the points jerseys. “I’m tremendously happy and I want to thank all the team, because they were phenomenal from start to  finish of the stage,” said Valverde. “To tell the truth we didn’t plan to race with the leadership in mind, we were just going for the stage victory, because the GC was complicated due to the short climb and the gaps by some of our rivals on the overall.”But I felt super strong, and with 400m to go I didn’t hesitate and went full steam into a steep slope. I didn’t look back until the finish, and though I wasn’t thinking of it, we found another prize with the leader’s jersey. Now there are two hard stages, it’s going to be difficult, but we already took home a win and everything coming after that will be a bonus.

Stage 2 results
1st    Alejandro Valverde   4.02.37
24th    Javi Moreno   0.36
31st    Beñat Intxausti   m.t.
42nd    Vasil Kiryienka   1.00
80th    Imanol Erviti   4.33
81st    Iván Gutiérrez   m.t.
85th    Ignatas Konovalovas   4.43
Overall after Stage 3
1st Alejandro Valverde 9.11.58
2nd Taaramae (COF) 0.03
3rd Coppel (SAU) 0.08
4th Menchov (KAT) 0.14
5th Lagutin (VCD) 0.15
24th Javi Moreno 0.40
25th Beñat Intxausti 0.41
34th Vasil Kiryienka 0.56
79th Iván Gutiérrez 4.26
82nd Imanol Erviti 4.39
83rd Ignatas Konovalovas 4.44

Gutiérrez finishes in 10th

Prologue: Sunday, February 19: San Fernando (ITT, 6km)

ITT Stage 1 results
1st Gretsch (PRO) 6.49
10th Iván Gutiérrez 0.12
15th Vasil Kiryienka 0.15
25th Alejandro Valverde 0.19
27th Ignatas Konovalovas 0.20
36th Javi Moreno 0.23
39th Beñat Intxausti 0.24
43rd Imanol Erviti 0.25

Movistar Vuelta a Andalucía Winners:

1st place 1982 (Arroyo)
1st place 1984 (Gorospe)
1st place 1991 (Lezaun)
1st place 1993 (Gorospe)
1st place 2008 (Lastras)

Iván Gutiérrez
Imanol Erviti
Vasil Kiryienka
Beñat Intxausti
Ignatas Konovalovas
Alejandro Valverde
Javi Moreno
Prologue: Sunday, February 19: San Fernando (ITT, 6km)
1st st.: Monday, Feb 20: Zahara de los Atunes – Benalmádena (197.9km)
2nd st.: Tuesday, Feb 21: Málaga – Lucena / Santuario Virgen de Araceli (144.7km)
3rd st.: Wednesday, Feb 22: Montemayor – Las Gabias (157.1km)
4th st.: Thursday, Feb 23: Jaén – La Guardia de Jaén (135.7km)


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