Paris Nice 2012

Movistar paris nice 2012

Valverde finishes in 3rd place

Stage 8: Nice – Col d’Eze 9,6 km (itt)

Alejandro Valverde finished over a minute to Paris-nice winner Bradley Wigging’s, who also  took the green jersey for the stage race.

Valverde, Movistar keeps close

Stage 7: Sisteron – Nice, 220 km

Valverde in third, 18 seconds away

Alejandro Valverde jumped up one notch to third after Leipheimer crashed a couple times. Valverde will challenge leader Wiggins and Vesta in a 9.6 km up the mythical Col d’Eze for the overall Paris-Nice  jersey. Valverde kept his 7 points to claim the green jersey for another stage. Bradley Wiggins is a time trial and specialist and started his cycling career as a track rider, but since the the route is uphill, Valverde might have an advantage, how much?, we will find out soon!

Stage results
1st    De Gendt   (VCD)   5.11.48
6th    José Joaquín Rojas   9.24
44th    Iván Gutiérrez   m.t.
45th    Alejandro Valverde   m.t.
48th    Imanol Erviti   m.t.
69th    David Arroyo   m.t.
77th    Vasil Kiryienka   m.t.
84th    Javi Moreno   m.t.
86th    David López   m.t.
Riders overall
1st Wiggins (SKY) 27.53.04
3rd Alejandro Valverde 0.18
11th José Joaquín Rojas 2.46
36th Javi Moreno 7.11
62nd David López 17.08
70th David Arroyo 19.58
84th Iván Gutiérrez 25.53
85th Imanol Erviti 27.37
87th Vasil Kiryienka 28.36

Stage 6: Suze-la-Rousse – Sisteron 176,5 km

Ex-Cassie D’ Eparnge rider LL Sanchez won today’s stage in a sprint and the top 4 did not lose any time. Valverde kept his 7 point lead in green as Movistar waits for the nest 2 stages to close the 18 second gap for the leader’s yellow jersey. 

Stage 6 results 
1st LL Sanchez (RAB) 4.07.58
17th José Joaquín Rojas 0.14
53rd Javi Moreno m.t.
65th Alejandro Valverde m.t.
76th David Arroyo m.t.
96th David López m.t.
120th Imanol Erviti 8.21
Stage 6 overall standings
1st Wiggins (SKY) 22.31.52
4th Alejandro Valverde 0.18
12th José Joaquín Rojas 2.46
39th Javi Moreno 7.11
69th David López 17.08
74th David Arroyo 19.58
87th Iván Gutiérrez 25.53
88th Imanol Erviti 27.37
91st Vasil Kiryienka 28.36

Valverde finishes in second

Stage 5: Onet-le-Château – Mende 178 km

Alejandro Valverde with help from his teammates finished ahead of the favorites in the paris nice while picking up much needed points to keep the green points jersey. Movistar riders attacked the final 50kms to get Valverde an advantage going into the final climb, but could not contain Lieuwe Westra who attacked the last kilometer while the race leaders  tried to overtake the Dutch rider. Valverde took 22 points and increased his lead by 7 points. Movistar finished 2nd overall only 55 second behind to 3rd place overall just over 2 minutes behind.

 Stage 5 results
1st Westra (VCD) 4.52.46
2nd Alejandro Valverde 0.06
17th Javi Moreno 0.48
32nd David López 1.13
56th José Joaquín Rojas 2.19
67th Vasil Kiryienka 3.30
94th David Arroyo 6.23
105th Iván Gutiérrez 11.44
106th Imanol Erviti m.t.
Overall stage 5
1st Wiggins (SKY) 18.23.40
4th Alejandro Valverde 0.18
12th José Joaquín Rojas 2.46
41st Javi Moreno 7.11
53rd Vasil Kiryienka 10.32
81st David López 17.08
83rd Iván Gutiérrez 17.46
89th Imanol Erviti 19.30
91st David Arroyo 19.58

Movistar controlled Stage 4 and:

Stage 4: Brive-la-Gaillarde- Rodez 183 km

Alejandro Valverde kept the green jersey and Movistar’s Ivan Gutierrez  and JJ Rojas lead parts of the stage to keep all the top riders in contension for the overall Paris-Nice  jersey. David Arroyo was part of a crash that left him out of the race, but he did not suffer any injuries. Movistar dropped over 3 minutes in the team classification but Valverde earned 15 points to keep the green jersey by 5 points.

Stage results
1st    Meersman   (LTB)   4.21.01
8th Alejandro Valverde m.t.
53rd José Joaquín Rojas m.t.
90th Javi Moreno 2.19
93rd Imanol Erviti 2.32
94th Vasil Kiryienka m.t.
102nd Iván Gutiérrez 3.25
103rd David López m.t.
134th David Arroyo 9.56
Overall results:
1st Wiggins (SKY) 13.30.52
7th Alejandro Valverde 0.30
8th José Joaquín Rojas 0.31
56th Iván Gutiérrez 6.04
59th Javi Moreno 6.25
61st Vasil Kiryienka 7.04
65th Imanol Erviti 7.48
98th David Arroyo 13.37
114th David López 15.57

Valverde wins stage 3, by an inch!

Stage 3: Vierzon – Lac de Vassivière 194 km

Alejandro Valverde timed his accent up the steep climb to the finish line to perfection, almost! Alejandro lead the climbers uphill while  Simon Gerrans raced pasted him on his right side, but after Valverde crossed the finish line. The stage win, his 3rd and 4th victory overall this year earned him 10 more points and he is now 20 seconds behind Bradley Wiggins in 6th place. Movistar and Omega Pharma-QuickStep controlled the peloton in chasing a 3 rider breakaway to set up a close uphill finish.

REACTION / Alejandro Valverde: “Happy is not the word to describe my feeling; I’m more than satisfied, because I didn’t have the clear objective of aiming a stage win today, but things went right and I could profit. We also had the chance by Rojas, but we didn’t feel so good in the finale and did a great work for me when I rode against the win in the final 500m. I saw Gerrans’s wheel approaching at the sprint and that’s why I saved energy until the final meters to launch a final punch. After crossing the line I thought I had won, but I wasn’t really confident until the jury confirmed that to me. Just like in Andalusia, this fulfills entirely my expectations for this race and everthing after this will be a bonus, but it’s obvious that we’re doing well on front and have strong chances. If we fail one day, it won’t matter, but we don’t rule out anything.

It’s going to be really hard because Wiggins and Leipheimer are before us on the GC, but with this team, you can aspire to everything. They were phenomenal again and this victory is for them. I’m the main who delivers it, but the victory is from everyone. It’s not just the work you see on TV, but the load they bear by taking me into the front, protecting me from the wind… it’s difficult to do it better.”

  • 1st    Alejandro Valverde   4.36.19
  • 42nd    José Joaquín Rojas   m.t.
  • 64th    David Arroyo   0.12
  • 83rd    David López   0.34
  • 91st    Javi Moreno   0.57
  • 99th    Vasil Kiryienka   1.25
  • 120th    Imanol Erviti   2.12
  • 124th    Iván Gutiérrez   3.16

Overall standings after stage 3
1st Wiggins (SKY) 9.09.51
6th Alejandro Valverde 0.20
8th José Joaquín Rojas 0.29
51st David Arroyo 3.41
61st Javi Moreno 4.06
65th Vasil Kiryienka 4.32
74th Imanol Erviti 5.16
80th Iván Gutiérrez 6.04
130th David López 12.32

Points classification
1 Alejandro Valverde (Spa) Movistar Team 39 pts
2 Bradley Wiggins (GBr) Sky Procycling 36
3 Tom Boonen (Bel) Omega Pharma-Quick Step 35
4 Maxime Monfort (Bel) RadioShack-Nissan 35
5 Tejay Van Garderen (USA) BMC Racing Team 34
10 Jose Joaquin Rojas Gil (Spa) Movistar Team 22
Team Classification
1 Omega Pharma-Quick Step 27:30:10
2 Sky Procycling 0:02:54
3 BMC Racing Team 0:03:04
4 Movistar Team 0:03:31
5 Katusha Team 0:03:37

Rojas finishes in 2nd

JJ Rojas finishes 2nd

Stage 2: Mantes-la-Jolie – Orléans 185 km

JJ Rojas finished second in today’s sprint to Orleans by riding in a 21 cyclist breakaway that separated the peloton due to crosswinds. Alejandro Valverde and Rojas are within 30 seconds of race leader Bradley Wiggins and have a 2 minute advantage over most race favorites. The 21 rider breakaway took advantage of a crosswind that separated the unprepared peloton through the feeding zone and turned the stage, and perhaps the tour around. Valverde and Rojas kept with the breakaway thought the wet roads of Orleans and Rojas made a move for the finish line by riding behind stage winner Boonen to take second. (last 5km)  Most Movistar riders fell over 2 minutes from the overall rankings while David Lopez finished almost 11 minutes behind. Movistar is over 3 minutes behind the team race leaders, but can cut that gap with a strong finish tomorrow in stage 3 that features a inclined finish of the final 5k on a 4% average gradient.

José Joaquín Rojas: “The day’s overview is tremendously positive, as well for me as for the team, because we were able to contest the stage and rule out some top riders for the GC. I was really affected by a virus last week and had to give up in Almería. I couldn’t restart training until last Thursday and was really doubtful about my condition, so I’m really satisfied with today’s result. We knew that it was going to be a really hard day with wind and rain, and we tried to be as close to Alejandro as possible to protect him. With 10k to go the gap was stable, and I stopped taking relays to eat something and recover with the sprint in mind. I had a really clear idea about Boonen being the man to follow and, even through i could gain terrain over him at the end, he was the strongest at the finish. Now there are some complicated finishes, but my mission here is trying to help Valverde, and only chasing my chances if the race circumstances are favourable, just like today. It will be an elimination race, several GC guys went down today, and Alejandro is keeping all his chances for now.”

Stage 2 results:
1st Boonen (OPQ) 4.22.15
2nd José Joaquín Rojas m.t.
9th Alejandro Valverde m.t.
32nd Iván Gutiérrez 2.29
53rd Imanol Erviti m.t.
78th Javi Moreno m.t.
88th David Arroyo m.t.
92nd Vasil Kiryienka m.t.
150th David López 10.58
Stage 2 Points:
1 Tom Boonen (Bel) Omega Pharma-Quick Step 25
2 Jose Joaquin Rojas Gil (Spa) Movistar Team 22
3 John Degenkolb (Ger) Project 1T4i 20
4 Sep Vanmarcke (Bel) Garmin - Barracuda 18
9 Alejandro Valverde (Spa) Movistar Team 12
Stage 2 team results:
1 Omega Pharma-Quick Step 13:06:45
2 Movistar Team 0:02:29
3 Katusha Team
4 Sky Procycling
5 BMC Racing Team
Overall after stage 2
1st Wiggins (SKY) 4.33.32
10th José Joaquín Rojas 0.29
11th Alejandro Valverde 0.30
37th Iván Gutiérrez 2.49
46th Imanol Erviti 3.04
53rd Vasil Kiryienka 3.07
58th Javi Moreno 3.09
88th David Arroyo 3.29
152nd David López 11.58
1 Omega Pharma-Quick Step 13:41:13
2 Sky Procycling 0:02:42
3 BMC Racing Team 0:02:43
4 Movistar Team 0:03:19
5 Katusha Team 0:03:37

Movistar within a minute

Stage 1: Dampierre-en-Yvelines – Saint-Rémy-lès-Chevreuse 9,4 km (itt)

Movistar kept their top riders within the main favorites such as Basso, Anton and the Schlecks to challenge for the GC of the paris -Nice 2012. All Movistar riders had a dry time trial where time trial specialist Iván Gutiérrez finished 17 seconds behind for the best team result.
“It could have been better, but I’m satisfied,” said Valverde after the time trial. It’s true that I’m 40th on the classification, but we have to look at how many riders from the top of the leaderboard will contest the GC afterwards. We were right on departing into the first part of the field, not only for the rain, but also because I could get back to the hotel on the bike and gain some time to rest. It’s obvious that every second lost must be got back, but with all stages ahead and the bonus seconds, I think those from today won’t be significant gaps. I was one of the fastest through the col today and that confirms myself I’m in good form. The important thing is that we got through the day well.”  

Stage 1 results (and overall)
1st Larsson (VCD) 11.19
17th Iván Gutiérrez 0.18
41st Alejandro Valverde 0.30
51st José Joaquín Rojas 0.33
53rd Imanol Erviti m.t.
62nd Vasil Kiryienka 0.36
71st Javi Moreno 0.38
134th David López 0.58
137th David Arroyo m.t

Movistar will challenge for one of the most important early stage bike race in 2012 when the blue squad travels to Paris in early March. The team fared well last year finishing 3rd overall and Xavier Tondo in 14th place over 5 minutes behind. Alejandro Valverde – second at the Tour Down Under – will lead the team in Paris-Nice and will be supported by by Jose Rojas, David Arroyo, Imanol Erviti, Vasil Kiryienka, David Lopez, Ivan Gutierrez and Javi Moreno.

March 4: Stage 1: Dampierre-en-Yvelines – Saint-Rémy-lès-Chevreuse 9,4 km (itt)
March 5: Stage 2: Mantes-la-Jolie – Orléans 185 km
March 6: Stage 3: Vierzon – Lac de Vassivière 194 km
March 7: Stage 4: Brive-la-Gaillarde- Rodez 183 km
March 8: Stage 5: Onet-le-Château – Mende 178 km
March 9: Stage 6: Suze-la-Rousse – Sisteron 176,5 km
March 10: Stage 7: Sisteron – Nice, 220 km
March 11: Stage 8: Nice – Col d’Eze 9,6 km (itt)

Past Movistar Paris Nice winners

2009 Luis Leon Sanchez (Spa) Caisse d’Epargne
1990 Miguel Indurain (Spa) while riding for Banesto
1989 Miguel Indurain (Spa) while riding for Reynolds


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