Movistar Tour Méditerranéen 2012

Tour Méditerranéen Movistar 2012

The 39th Tour Méditerranéen will take place place in the Rhone coastal region of southern France and will feature 4 stages. Movistar, having won the 2 of the last 5 tours, will not have the benefit of a team time trial as they won in both stages and kept the overall during the race. Alejandro Valverde won the tour in 2010, but had the title removed after his cycling ban. Movistar will send a younger team to South France this year hoping to grab some sprinter’s stages.
Riders:   Ángel Madrazo  David López  Andrey Amador  Ignatas Konovalovas
Enrique Sanz    Fran Ventoso     Jesús Herrada     Nairo Quintana

Madrazo Finishes in 4th

Stage 4  Sunday, Feb 12 2012 La Ciotat – Toulon Mt Faron      130 km
Movistar young rider Angel Madrazo kept up with a group of riders including the tour winner Jon Tiernan-Locke to finish 4th in a shortened stage of the Tour Méditerranéen. Winter conditions shortened the source again to 79 km, from 139km and the Mt Faron climb was re-routed to les Gardes. Madrazo finished 5th overall and the rest of the racing squad finished respectably and unharmed in this years tour that were surviving the course was more important than risking a season ending injury on the iced roads and dangerous roundabouts.

Stage results
1st    J. T-Locke   (EDR)   1.54.05
4th    Ángel Madrazo   0.22
10th    Andrey Amador   0.27
16th    Nairo Quintana   m.t.
21st    David López   m.t.
34th    Jesús Herrada   0.47
43rd    Ignatas Konovalovas   1.07
57th    Fran Ventoso   1.52
95th    Enrique Sanz   5.02
Overall Results
1st J. T-Locke (EDR) 10.48.42
5th Ángel Madrazo 0.42
10th Andrey Amador 0.47
14th David López m.t.
22nd Nairo Quintana m.t.
32nd Jesús Herrada 1.07
38th Ignatas Konovalovas 1.27
44th Fran Ventoso 2.12
82nd Enrique Sanz 5.22

Cold Weather Shortens Course

Stage 3  Saturday, Feb 11 2012  La Seyne S/Mer – La Londe les Maures   127 km

Stage 3 was shortened due to ice and snow on the roads that made for another pack finish by the cycling squad.  Fran Ventosa could not free himself from the pack of surrounding riders and finished in 14th.

Stage 3 results

1st M. Kreder (GRM) 2.23.14
14th    Fran Ventoso   m.t.
27th    Ángel Madrazo   m.t.
55th    Andrey Amador   m.t.
58th    Nairo Quintana   m.t.
75th    David López   m.t.
84th    Enrique Sanz   m.t.
108th    Ignatas Konovalovas   m.t.
116th    Jesús Herrada   m.t.

1st M. Kreder (GRM) 8.54.37
12th Fran Ventoso 0.20
21st Ángel Madrazo m.t.
37th Andrey Amador m.t.
58th David López m.t.
59th Ignatas Konovalovas m.t.
78th Nairo Quintana m.t.
79th Jesús Herrada m.t.
89th Enrique Sanz m.t.

Ventosa finishes 4th

Stage 2  Friday, Feb 10 2012   Salon de Provence – Martigues   136 km

 Fran Ventoso took another 4th place sprint result this year by battling high winds and winter conditions in souther France. The team took the dangerous roundabouts and survived unharmed in today’s sprint finish to Martigues.
Stage 2 results:
1st M. Kreder (GRM) 3.10.40
4th Fran Ventoso m.t.
18th Ángel Madrazo m.t.
38th Ignatas Konovalovas m.t.
60th Andrey Amador m.t.
63rd Jesús Herrada m.t.
73rd David López m.t.
81st Nairo Quintana m.t.
104th Enrique Sanz m.t.

13th Fran Ventoso m.t.
17th Ángel Madrazo m.t.
33rd Ignatas Konovalovas m.t.
37th Andrey Amador m.t.
52nd David López m.t.
68th Jesús Herrada m.t.
94th Nairo Quintana m.t.
95th Enrique Sanz m.t.

Safer than sorry, Movistar finishes same time

Stage 1  Thursday, Feb 9 2012   Pertuis – Meyreuil  135 km

In a shorted and lower altered course due to freezing temperatures and iced roads, all Movistar riders finished within the same time and unscathed from the winter elements. The race organizers switched a cat. 2 climb to a safer cat. 3 climb and shortened the route due to the wintry conditions. in southern France.  England’s Jon Tiernan-Locke took the stage after attacking within 2 km left in the stage that the peloton played the course safe by not risking any crashes in the roundabouts at the final kilometer.

1st    T’nan-Locke   (EDR)   3.21.03

  • 23rd    Andrey Amador   m.t.
  • 28th    Ángel Madrazo   m.t.
  • 33rd    Fran Ventoso   m.t.
  • 39th    David López   m.t.
  • 41st    Ignatas Konovalovas   m.t.
  • 75th    Jesús Herrada   m.t.
  • 90th    Enrique Sanz   m.t.
  • 112th    Nairo Quintana   m.t.

past Movistar Tour Méditerranéen winners
Past Movistar winners:
2010 Alejandro Valverde Belmonte (Spa) Caisse d’Epargne- removed
2009 Luis Leon Sanchez Gil (Spa)
2007 Iván Gutiérrez (Spa)


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