Clásica de Almería 2012

Clásica de Almería Movistar 2012

Clásica de Almería 2012 Sunday, February 26
– Roquetas de Mar – Almería, 185.6km.

Ventosa, Visconti top 10 Movistar win overall

Movistar took the overall team time to cap off a productive month of cold and fast cycling by Lastras and Moreno, local rider winner joining Ventosa and Visconti within the 60 rider sprinting peloton into Almeria. JJ royal, wearing bib number 1 for last’s years performance win this Spanish Classic, had to abandon due to stomach troubles while Enrique Sanz was too far behind.  The team will prepare for the weekend 2 stage race in Murcia in which the kilometers for the first stage has not be determined as of now.

1st Matthews (RAB) 4.24.17
5th Fran Ventoso m.t.
7th Giovanni Visconti m.t.
16th Pablo Lastras 0.03
24th Javi Moreno m.t.
77th Javier Iriarte 10.13
82nd Vasil Kiryienka 10.21
ABN José Joaquín Rojas
ABN Enrique Sanz

JJ rojas Clásica de Almería 2011

Movistar will send a strong team to the south eastern part of Spain to try to take the one classic JJ Rojas came close to wining last year. This years course will be longer 186 kilometers that starts at Roquetas de Mar, with a softer profile more suited for the sprinters with four intermediate rushes -Benahadux (km 38), Ulela del Campo (km 82), Lucainena de las Torres (km 117) and Retamar (km 169)- and three categorized climbs: Portichuelo (Cat. 3), in the opening phase, and the latter Lucainena (Cat. 2) and La Serrata (Cat. 3), the final one just 40k from the finish.


Pablo Lastras

Vasil Kiryienka

Javier Iriarte

Enrique Sanz

Fran Ventoso

José Joaquín Rojas

Javi Moreno

Giovanni Visconti


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