Hour Record attempt decision expected this week

Jan 22,2015

Alex Dowsett has wisely decided to postpone the hour record attempt scheduled for Feb 27th due to his collar bone injury. “Following Dowsett’s crash last Tuesday, his collarbone fracture and the subsequent surgery… both rider and squad consider it would not be realistic to carry on with February 27 as a goal,” the team said in a statement. “Movistar Team also states that attempting the record would have been a risky decision, compromising the rest of the season for Alex and putting extra pressure on his recovery.”

“I’m really gutted this has happened,” Dowsett said in the team’s statement. “I’ve never worked harder for anything and to make this difficult decision with the team and lose this opportunity is a real blow. The positive is that it is a record attempt so we will be attempting it at a later date. This is a good decision to be 100% fit for the record attempt than risk damaging career and a promising season for a personal goal.

Jan 14th, 2015

Alex Dowsett’s broke his collarbone during a training ride near his home on Essex Tuesday, Jan 13th. Although the injury is serious, Alex can still heal in time to attempt he coveted hour record, which is due Feb 27th. Movistar will make a decision weather Alex will pursue the record in a few days. The disappointing crash left Alex with pain in his hands and right shoulder, and was taken for X-rays, which revealed the fracture. This injury will require surgery which is be performed on Thursday and obvious rest for a cyclist of his caliber.

“Thanks for all the kind messages guys, far from ideal timing but will bounce back asap,” Dowsett wrote on twitter. “May even ask the surgeons to take a couple of cm out of the other collarbone as well to make me Tom Dumoulin aero,” he added.

Dowsett was scheduled to make his Hour Record attempt at the Lee Valley VeloPark in London late February. There are several number of Hour Record attempts this year, with Jack Bobridge making his on January 31 and fellow Australian Rohan Dennis trying it on February 8. Included this year will be 2012 Tour d’ France winner Bradley Wiggins who will attempt the Hour Record this summer.

alex dowsett recovery

December 19, 2014  By Expobill

Movistar Cycling Team has announced that 3-time national time trial champion Alex Dowsett will attempt to break the hour cycling record in February 27th 2015. The hour record, currently held by 51.852 KM per hour by Matthias Brändle, on 30 October 2014 at the World Cycling Center, Aigle, Switzerland. Alex’s quest for the ultimate time-trialist’s prize will take place at London’s Lee Valley VeloPark. The Canyon bicycle that will achieve to conquer this coveted feat is finished and seems fast, according to Cyclingnews. Alex Dowsett, who suffers from hemophilia, a blood disorder that does not clot or stop when the skin is cut, has been campaigning around Europe to support and awareness towards this disorder.


Alex will use this theme as motivation for breaking the record. We spend our childhoods being told what we can’t do, so I’m going for the record for anyone that gets told what they can’t do something and goes out to prove themselves otherwise. I’m training a hell of a lot harder because of it.” Stated Alex during the press conference announcing his attempt for the record at Rileys Sports Bar in Central London. Alex had been training all month on the

The Canyon aerodynamic bike is currently painted white, but will be repainted to match the Movistar blue and green themes. The record-breaking bicycle has some special features including hidden front break cables, Campagnolo specific chain ring that is wider but overall it’s a standard road geometry bike that he’s been riding. Campagnolo have equipped this bike new updated version of their Ghibli wheel set. “All the cable housing holes are filled up for aerodynamics and there’s no resistance where the front end brakes would be. The rear end is different in that standard width is reduced and the drop out are perfectly horizontal rather than at an angle,” said Canyon’s marketing officer Matthew Heitmann.
The Record attempt will be televised through various media markets and of courseThe hashtags are: #PerfectHour and #UCIHourRecord, at Movistar Team’s Facebook page and on Twitter accounts @alexdowsett, @Movistar_Team and @UCI_cycling.

UCI Hour record-holders since 1972 (links to Wikipedia)

Date Rider Age Velodrome Distance
25 October 1972 Eddy Merckx 27 Agustín Melgar, Mexico City, Mexico 49.43
19 January 1984 Francesco Moser 32 Agustín Melgar, Mexico City, Mexico 50.808
23 January 1984 Francesco Moser 32 Agustín Melgar, Mexico City, Mexico 51.151
17 July 1993 Graeme Obree 27 Vikingskipet, Hamar, Norway 51.596
23 July 1993 Chris Boardman 24 Velodrome du Lac, Bordeaux, France 52.270
27 April 1994 Graeme Obree 28 Velodrome du Lac, Bordeaux, France 52.713
2 September 1994 Miguel Indurain 30 Velodrome du Lac, Bordeaux, France 53.040
22 October 1994 Tony Rominger 33 Velodrome du Lac, Bordeaux, France 53.832
5 November 1994 Tony Rominger 33 Velodrome du Lac, Bordeaux, France 55.291
6 September 1996 Chris Boardman 28 Manchester Velodrome, Manchester, UK 56.375
27 October 2000 Chris Boardman 32 Manchester Velodrome, Manchester, UK 49.441
19 July 2005  Ondřej Sosenka 29 Krylatskoye, Moscow, Russia 49.700
18 September 2014 Jens Voigt 43 Velodrome Suisse, Grenchen, Switzerland 51.110
30 October 2014 Matthias Brändle 24 World Cycling Center, Aigle, Switzerland 51.852

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