Movistar cycling current race 2011

Movistar has finsihed a bittersweet cycling season that no professional team had endured. The 21 victories were more than expected, and maybe the most ever! The tragic passing of Xavier Tondo in front of Benat Intxausti is still today unbelievable.  We all all wishing Mauricio Soler a speedy recovery from his horrific crash after winning a stage race in Switzerland. The team has improved by signing new 6 riders who have won races in Europe and keeping a very talent and inspiring cyclists whom have been riding together for many years. Hopefully we can Alejandro back, he was the stop cyclist according to UCI rankings before his un-just ban in 2010.
Who would thought that we would hold the green jersey in any Tour d’ France as Rojas did for a few stages? The most lasting memory of our team this year has to be the breakaway stage wins in all the Grand Tours as well as the Victory in Montréal in September. The races in October were rode well after a tough grueling cycling season filled with so much emotion and tough courses, some say the toughest of all time!

San Sebastian Classic 2011

Movistar team cycling TDF 2011 news and results

Tour de Pologne

Movistar Cycling Transfers 2011


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