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August 19, 2013

MOVISTAR  Vuelta ’13 Update!

Alejandro Valverde finishes 2nd in stage 3!
Valverde finished 3 seconds behind Chris Horner, and now is 6th, 24 seconds behind.       Read more>


Since Movistar has informed us of everything we needed to know about the cycling team, I have not posted anything  as far as race results, news or my 2 cents worth as in the past. My game plan now is to inform you on new Movistar riders, old Banesto-Movistar riders, anything informative about the team and opinions ALL in English!

Hopefully I can entertain and inform while following this great CLEAN cycling team!

This non-official Movistar site will contain information concerning any breaking news about Movistar Team Cycling current and past riders whom rode as Reynolds, Banesto, Iles Baleares and Caisse d Eparnge. Although Movistar Cycling has an incredible website and information about the club in English, I decided to continue to inform, follow and updating their success in races through out Europe.

As a fan of this cycling team since 1988, I hope this site can provide a different perspective on the team while keeping you updated on Movistar Team Cycling races, news and other important information pertaining to the Cycling team in English!

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